6477174252 USA Unknown Phone Number State 647-717-4252, Unknown City, Unknown county


  • 2015-05-13 11:00:05
  • Julian

The instructions that I was given that it should be divided three persons 3000.00 as follows in a Money Gram were 1000 00 Joice Wilson Betty 1 000 00 to Ramos Carlos Lora western Union and money gram in all London United Kindom.that day in the morning before the account I Andy Morrison call sending the money I had to say what happens with the exam to scream at me on help and not withdrawn on the phone. Andy Morrison sent me a letter from fidelity Finance Inc company address and phone number are reflected in this message to tell me I won a Grand Prix and the American dollar price 300 000 00. Deducted american dollars 4390.25 for taxes and I will send a copy of the original test. Depositing money into my checking account and wait two days for it to clear. Within two days I go to the Bank and the money the examination by the Bank was canceled because it was a fake cheque is on the account and 20 minutes after. The statements that was given to me that between three people were US american dollars 3000.00 as follows in a Money Gram american dollars be divided should gram 1000 00 Joice Wilson American american dollars 1 000 00 in western Union Betty Ramos and american dollars 1 000 00 to Lora Carlos in money and daily in the morning before sending the money I get from the account had all Kindom.that United at London I call to say Andy Morrison what had happened pulled back with the examination after the shouting at me and no phone at the.  THIS IS A SCAM IS REALLY SCAM


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